Monday, 9 September 2013

Post Gubbspel Galore thoughts

Just some random babbling, so you have been warned… 

So with Gubbspel Galore over I have started to think of what to proceed with. Its been so much Treemoss fantasy on my painting table running up to the gaming convention the plan was to put that project aside for a little bit (yeah yeah, we will see how that goes…).

But how to proceed?

Start a new project or try to restart an old?
If I start a new project, what should it be?

World War II, 15mm
I got tons of halfpainted Flames of war armies that sure could need some extra love. But a fun little side project could be to get (another…) 1000pts army of something fun and with that small amount of points you get a army that you actually could paint before you find something new and shiny…
Im thinking on early/midwar Italian Libyans infantry (its hard to argue against red fezzes…), latewar British Churchill Company (probably the worst company in fow…) or a latewar Russian Heavy assault gun company.

World War II, 28mm
With Warlord Games releasing plastic Japanees this could be a nice project. Another thought is their Russians or the newly released Deutches Afrika Korps from Perry miniatures.


The 28mm plastic miniatures from Fireforge Games is tempting and ever since I first saw some painted up as Danish knights I’ve been drooling over them. 
But what conflict? Crusaders or Scandinavia? Medieval Scandinavia seems a little boring or dull to me, mostly heavy infantry and that could be a little too close to my Viking collection. But still I think a couple of battles with Sverkar, Erikar and Folkkungar could be really nice on the tabbletop.

Crusades could be fun. I allways fancied an turkic or arab crusader era army but the lack of plastic is a big minus. With some convertion maybe you could use some kits and kitbash them or greenstuff. Fireforge games has  said they aim to release plastic arabs around 2014 but thats a long way ahead. Gripping Beast is said to soon release something simular to Saga but for the Crusades, that could be a good start to get an collection.

Late Medieval, 28mm with the Perry Plastic War of the roses boxes could be fun. 
Im not sure exactly what conflict they would they could fit into with an Scandinavian setting. Maybe some Union wars with Denmark (you again…). Not an age I know that much about really so that could be a nice way of learning a thing or two.

30years wars. 28mm
Again Warlord Games with their plastic historical is tempting me… Cool looking formations and lots of miniatures without a to formal paint scheme (curse you Napoleonic soldiers with all your straps, laces and buttons…). Lots of fun and “exotic” units to toss into the fray. And with a small change of banner the unit could switch side.
The game played at Gubbspel Galore sure did make me think of this idea again…

Anchient Greeks, 28mm

With Victrix supurb looking Greeks and their prices this could be really interesting. And I could really think of getting an Persian army, but the lack of propper plastic miniatures at the moment is a hinderens.
But how fun is it to paint rank after rank of bronze clad hoplites?

Post Apoc, 28mm
There are lots of fun zombie, alien and post apoc miniatures available and in a skirmish sized game you could really go that extra step with the paintjob. Zombie wasteland, alien obductions or radiation and biohazard zones is just some of the thoughts.

Or I could just try to paint some more on my other projects that I allready have...

Great Northern War, 15mm
I got a decent sized Danish and Swedish army, they just need some paint… That and I have to reread the Gå På rules that I got for them.
And If I keep to the early parts of GNW the pike formations is just perfect and that should make me think less of doing the 30years war…

Tribal Africa
A fun little sideproject. I thought I will continue expand as times goes. Maybe even invest in a propper sett of rules and A decent sized army instead of all these small tribes.
One thought I had was to dubbeluse some of the miniatures in eather a mercenary contigent in a Persian army combating anchient Greeks or Egyptians combating Crusaders.

Warhammer 40k
Its always easy to find someone to game with so that’s a big plus. Besides my Death Korps of Krieg really could need some more paintlove…

Warhammer Fantasy
Again, easy to find an opponent. And my High Elf collection that I just started to dust of  have some nice miniatures even thou I really dislike the whole heroscale thing they are doing with elves wearing that looks to me like American football protection as armor…

Force on Force, 20mm
My modern Russians sure could use some reinforcements. And I need a couple of more games with them.

Droopzone Commander
A really nice game and I already have some miniatures and I started on a paint scheme that I really really like.

But something historical is what I really want to do. 
Its allways nice to learn a litle history instead of which color which Spacemarine chapter used during the Herrasy or what nots.

So many fun projects and so little time.
And to anyone actually reading all this, Im sorry but I will not give you your time back.
No refund

Cheers and a happy post Gubbspel Galore to you all. / Jonas


  1. I think we all have these moments, when we ponder our huge collection that would take years to finish, so we immediately look at buying even more! A little snippet of news I heard was that West Wind are launching 15mm/18mm historicals in the near future, so maybe worth considering. Just to give you even more options.

    1. Thanks Fogey.
      Ive seen some of those miniatures and they could be something to get later on. But they seems to be a litle late on the release date from when I first heard about it.

  2. Greate blog post Jonas

    seems like I have to visit you and talk about "Medieval Scandinavia seems a little boring or dull to me" ... ;)

    Go for the Kalmar Union War :) If you want to make a twist to it go for a Victualian Brotherhod campaign with perry minis and Cogs to wage war in the baltic sea, would be stunning i´m sure!

    Best regards Michael

    1. Thanks Michael.

      Its just that Sweden lacked the financials to be even near the splendid of say a knight army of France and maybe more important a little to heavy terrained/ forested to even allow it if they had that kind of money. So mostly heavy infantry tactics and peasants, which looks atleast at first glance alitle to near my collection of Vikings.

      Victulian Brotherhod sure is a blank spot on the miniature gaming heaven...

    2. And on a nother note.

      By includung the Danes that historical often offered alliances or was the attacker them self you get that extra splender and more expensive units.
      And if you then includes some German mercenaries I think you could get away with about any miniature...

      And its still historical correct. :)

    3. Sounds like my project:)

      Victulian Brotherhod are ablank spot to me to, but seeing a grate kog sea battle in 28mm started me to consider it...

      What ever you decide I will follow it closely and let me get inspired in some thing new that I realy dont have time to finish:)

      Best regards Michael

  3. Might I suggest the Second Northern War (aka the First Northern War, the Little Northern War, and The Deluge)?

    Miniature-wise, the Warlord TYW range would work just fine for a Swedish army, and there were a lot of turncoat Poles and Lithuanians fighting for the Swedish side as well, so you could get some of those (even Winged Lancers, I believe). Your opponents could be the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Muscovy, Denmark, and Brandenburg (the latter only just beginning its rise to prominence...)

    1. Ahh. That could also bee a cool project.

      I have thought about buying By Fire and Sword just for the pictures alone... A interesting pereod.