Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tribal Africa - an inventory

I needed to do a sort of inventory of my Tribal Africa collection and the easiest way to do that was to just take pictures of it all so I could look and count exactly what I got later when I got more time.

But with the pictures taken I thought I could share them.
As I am no expert in african tribes some tribes maybe should get another name, a more fitting for the paintjob or miniatures and I am more then happy to get a little help or correction

Bushongo tribe,  Cannibal tribes from Congo. 
Miniatures from NorthStar. This is one of the tribes that I really chould cheek up the name for. Maybe there are another name more fitting.


Zulu tribe. Miniatures from Warlord Games.
Plastic is allways nice for the wallet. I think Its fun that I can find plastic miniatures and use them for my own ideas.

Kushites from Warlord Games. 
Initially Immortal miniatures before Warlord bought them. The most primitive tribe in my collection using stone headed arrows and spears. It’s always nice with some variety. And their destinct warpaint is a nice way of setting them appart from the other tribes.

Gamo tribe from Perry miniatures. Not sure about that name.

I just love this plastic box, I think its labeled Ansar uprising or something like that but with plenty of head options it could be used for so mutch more. Im thinking on ordering yet another box or two.

And my collection of spare miniatures, troops for hire, animals or wierd stuff to throw in for fun.
All the tribal units originated from Perrys plastic box... (not the characters or animals that is)

So thats what I got ready at the moment.

Thoughts on how to continue with this is as following.

* To Paint more skirmishers using the Perry box with added wirespears. Maybe ordering another box.
* Bulk out the Jungle Cannibals numbers. Ordering some more miniatures and add some more details on my current miniatures.

Getting another tribe?
Im thinking on different ideas.

One is to get the Ila tribe from NorthStar, really nice looking miniatures.
Another idea is to use the Perry box with some special shields that I allready got.

And I am also thinking on getting a proper sized tribe of Masai warriors from WargamesFoundy. This is the most expensive option but its hard to resist a tribe of Masai with their distinct shields and clad in red. I think they could look marvelous on the table top.

The Kushites could really need som reinforcements to but I havnt decided on if they will get some and if so on what.

Although the Zulus are not my favorite tribe I have thought about getting that big “starter army” from Warlord Games, that is a lot of miniatures for your money…



  1. Voila des belles tribus africaine, la peinture est superbe. A bientôt Christian

  2. Very nice painting and a different choice of troops.
    If you decide a new name for each tribe, don´t forget to
    check if these fight as married or unmarried warriors. :)
    Looking forward to play tribal-wars again.