Monday, 23 September 2013


The good thing with being in-between some larger project is that you can make this sort of jumps in size, history and conflicts.

I just painted these casualties markers just for fun, but its for an conflict in history that I don’t game at the moment at least. 

I got some spare miniatures that was left after I kitbashed myself some Norsemen and thought they could be a little fun to paint now. 
But the thing is… they were really fun to paint, so fun that I seriously consider to starting up a medieval project centered around Sweden.

The miniatures are from Conquest Games and the casualty counter bases are from TinyTerrain


  1. Looking realy good !!!

    A very nice start to your new Medieval Swedish Project:) Will it be Baltic crusades or Erik´s against Sverker´s (Battle at Lena 1208 and Battle at Gestilren 1210) ?

    Best regards Michael

    1. The thought was to play out the internal conflicts of the Sverker´s and Erik´s but I think the miniatures could be used for a Crusade later on.

  2. Very nice! Those Normans are a fun bunch to play around with...