Sunday, 15 September 2013

Tribal skirmishers

I wanted some new skirmishers or trackers for my Tribal African project and got it in the forms of these Perry plastic miniatures with some added wirespears.
I tilted their heads a little to the ground to make it look as if they were searching for tracks.
I just love painting these miniatures, with a brown primer they take almost no time to get ready and I like the end result. A good balance of time vs. details, decent looking miniatures in almost no time.

I keep their clothing to natural brown/yellow colors as I wanted them to look as low status warriors or from a tribe living close to nature.

I have painted 17miniatures and this will in Hail Caesar rules result in eather two small sized units or one standard sized unit using 16 of them and I got a drummer extra mostly for fun.

Unfortunately the pictures didn´t turn out that good as I had hoped but I think you can get a small idea on how they look…

Already ordered a new box of Perrys plastic Sudanese tribesmen (amongst other things…) so expect more tribals to come.


  1. I have a question that has absolutely nothing to do with these splendid Sudanese.

    They tomte you used for your gnome bashing game... who makes those? :)

    1. Those are from Splitered light. Higly recomended.

  2. Greate work on your tribal skirmishers !

    Best regards Michael