Tuesday, 29 January 2013

28mm 12SS HJ

Some friends are trying to get me to start ww2 in 28mm. 

As I cannot decide on what force I would like to collect then I thought that I could at least paint up some miniatures from the lead pile.

Some SS troops from Warlord Games here filming a propaganda recruitment film.

Not the best pictures, I will see if I can get better later on.

If I should start ww2 in 28mm my thoughts (at the moment) are:

*Expand this small collection of 12ss, light machineguns, panzerfausts and supported by a PzIV or a JagdPanzer IV

* Veteran British infantry riding in Universal carriers and supported with Brengun Carriers. The theme is carriers overstuffed with machineguns.

* Indian infantry in British service. Sikh troops with their fancy turbans.

* French Senegalese troops, a force of toughs fighters that is not that well known.

* Cossacks in German service. Lots of horses and a mixture of German and Russian equipment.

* US Rangers supported by M10 tank hunters.

Well I stop here for now but the options seems to be almost endless, each force cooler then the next. :(
And then their are allways other projects and eras to paint and game. To many toys... 


  1. Great job on the camouflage, but where to go next? Quite like the sound of Cossacks in German service or the Indian infantry in British service.

  2. Heh, you and your camera teams...
    Go Cossacks!