Thursday, 17 January 2013

French Line

I am always a bit reluctant to paint a Napoleonic unit. The gluing and the priming part is no big deal but about the time I have added the first blue color on the uniform I suddenly stop. About that time the unit gets but aside for something funnier to paint.
All those straps, linings and whatnots. The uniforms are so full of details.
All this mean that the unit usually takes long time to finish and get standing half painted for a long time, just getting a new color or new detail between other projects.
About the time when I’m almost done with the unit, its start to get really funny to paint it and I start to plan the next unit, what it should be and how I should paint it. And the next unit I’m guessing will get stranded about half painted also…

Enough about that. 

Here we have a new French Napoleonic unit.
The miniatures are from Warlord games.
I added some paint on top of the paper banner to make it more lifelike, in particular gold paint.
When I thought I was done with the unit I sprayed it with a varnish but this resulted in the wash got all smutched out and the details destroyed. I think it has something to do with the cold and the spraycan not mixed enough.
But with some new wash on the unit I think I saved it. It looked better before but its still good enough to game with.

With this unit painted I can start to plan the next Napoleonic unit… I’m thinking on getting some small mortar or light cannons next but nothing is decided yet.


  1. Nice looking unit !

    I recognize the feeling about painting uniforms...

    best regards Michael