Friday, 18 January 2013

Napoleonic Vivandiere

At the same time I painted the last unit I also painted this little piece.
Its a Vivandiere from Warlord Games.

Exempt from the 1793 "Law to Rid the Army of Useless Women" vivandieres would follow the French army and sell the soldiers food, drink, and sundries like tobacco, wig powder, and writing paper and ink.  They were married to soldiers called "Vivandiers" who were the only soldiers granted permission to sell goods.  Too busy fighting and drilling to sell, naturally this duty fell to their wives.    
Vivandieres would be a regular sight in many armies over the years that followed.

A nice little model. Allways fun to paint those little special miniatures.

Not the best pictures but you get the point.

So whats next in my Napoleonic project ?

Maybe some of those "Useless women" mentionend in the text previusly...
I had my ideas of a new unit on Hussars or some light type of mortars or cannons with some scruffy looking crew.

Frankly I dont know. Im upp for sugestions.

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