Monday, 7 January 2013

African trackers

Tribal trackers.

I used Perrys excellent plastic African box and drilled small holes in some hands and gave them wire spears. As I think thinner throwing spears are more fitting then stabbing spears to these skirmishing trackers. And skipped giving them shields to lighten up their burden and further set them apart from the regular tribals.

I continued testing with painting and keeping it simple. I added a layer of Vallejo big can of dip/wash before the wash from Armypainter as the painting technique from the previous blog entry. With the thinking that the Vallejo dips effect of creating an almost burned feeling to it should darken it further.

Not the best of pictures but you get a decent enough image of them.


  1. Nice ones, they really seem to be out tracking something with those poses. :)

  2. Thanks.

    Just a small tint of the heads made it look like they are searching the ground for some footprints.