Thursday, 12 July 2012

A small hird, really small

I just finished some more of Gripping Beast excellent plastic hirdmen. Heavy armored and armed these boys are ready to go Viking.
Slowly slowly my hird is growing.

I mixed in some parts from the `not so good´ wargames factory Viking box, a head and some arms and shields to add some more variety.
The chainmail didn´t turn out that good, it could need a wash or so. The shadowing effect on the spears and axes does not look as I intended. But they will do, there’s plenty of other miniatures that screams for some paint. 
Atleast some of the handpainted shield turned out good.


  1. Looks bloody good to me! Try painting the mail black or really dark brownish black, then giving it the lightest drybrush.

  2. Thanks Mitch.
    Now that I come to think about it, you are absolutely right. Chain mail is not all shimmery metallic but rather grayish with just a touch of metallic. I will definitely try that on next batch of Vikings.
    Thanks again.