Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Battle of Wahongo valley

Battle of Wahongo valley.
A Hail Caesar battle report in tribal Africa

The Zulu tribe had been celebrating some religious festivity for three days and nights now and the Hamer tribe was feed up with their constant noise. It was time to silence the noise and topple over their false God (a key ring of the phantom)

The Zulu tribe consisted of a chieftain and four small units of Zulus.

The Zulu player could choose two of his units to be deployed on the table and the other two units would be placed in reserve. From turn three and onwards the player had to roll a 5+ on a d6 to get a unit from the reserves, two dices on turn 4 and three on turn 5 and so on. The unit from the reserve would then be entering completely randomly by a dice roll.

The Hamer tribe would consist of a chieftain and 3 units of warriors and the village hero Bobobo accompanied by his drummers. 

A witchdoctor would also help out. She could be placed with a unit and giving that unit the fanatic and the wild fighter rules and give an extra attack like a commander.

The Hamer tribe would be divided into two forces and deployed randomly.
To turn over the false God a unit had to be in base contact with it and roll a 4+.

It could be best to say that I think we did some mistakes according to the rules so bear with me on those. Im not sure you could order a unit whiles being in hand to hand combat and so on.

After following that dreadful noise for some time the Hamer tribe had located the source of it, it was time to silence it…

It started rather bad for the Hamer warriors and only half of their warriors could understand was the chieftain was yelling, it must have been because of all the noise.

The Zulus now realized the threat and formed a battle line.

A group of Hamer warriors tried to sneak past the Zulus on the other side of the small lake something the mighty Zulus could not tolerate.

One young group of warriors was sent out to tackle that problem and a bloody hand to hand combat was to follow.

The Hamer tribe was pushed back and the two Chieftains clashed. Meanwhile another unit of Hamer warriors advanced and starts throwing spears on the unit guarding the totem. 

The first Hamer unit and their chieftain is totally annihilated and the Zulu warriors swing around the flank of the next Hamer unit.

Bobobo takes the role of the new chieftain and tries to redress the situation.

Meanwhile the Zulus hungry for more blood manage to surround a Hamer unit and a quick fight leaving few survivors follows.

The Witchdoctor is cut down with that unit and here promises of immortality and a easy win (her special rules…) seems to have been a lie.

The two tribes consolidate their positions and one Zulu unit takes a new defensive positions in front of the golden God.

 The Hamer tribe sense that Zulu reinforcement is closing in and bring forth a fresh unit to try to throw spears at the wounded Zulus.

Bobobo seems to rather talk of how great he is and the unit fails to understand how that could be meant as a order and stands still.

The Zulu reinforcement closes in from the wrong side of the table edge, both units arrived from totally the opposite table edge. The bloodied unit that had conquered all before them continued with what they did best and trashed another Hamer unit.

Bobobo thought he had to settle this personally and ordered his drummer boys to follow him into a fight only to notice that they seemed to totally miss that order and was standing still and drumming for all that they were worth.

The Zulus could now charge Bobobo and his drummer boys and after a quick fight it was all over.
The celebration of the golden Phantom could continue.

Another great Hail Caesar game.


  1. Très belle partie, avec une belle table de jeu. A bientôt Christian

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