Sunday, 15 July 2012

French line

Its a good feeling taking the pictures of an full line of Napoleonic troops. 

The painting always seems harder than any other era because of all the white ribbons and laces and what not.
So when you completed a new line you get a good feeling all warm and fuzzy.

I tried to make this line simple and gathered a mix of Perry and Victrix miniatures in long coats to speed up the process. 
I skipped all highlighting bar the some details on the skin and on some of the white. I just let the devlar mud do the work.
I also tested with the bases but I think now that I went a little to far with all the flowers.
The banner comes from one of the Victrix boxes but with som highlighting with gold to make it shine extra nice.

Bad light meant that the pictures are somewhat blurry. Sorry for that.

Thanks for watching.


  1. Very nice. It may be the photos, but it would seem that you have painted the greatcoats in several different shades. This gives them a nice "campaign" look. Thanks for posting!


  2. They do look very nice. I agree it does feel great to finish a full line of troops.