Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Small house painted

I got this small house from Tiny Terrain and painted it up for my gaming club.

I nice little terrain piece that was quick and easy to paint up.

The kit offered lots of possibilities with lots of parts so you could different types of buildings from a basic house. Although I don’t play steam punk types of games I thought the building would look dandy with some extra gears and vent shafts on it.
I painted the roof directly on the sprue and glued it onto the building after this. This technique gave me an interesting roof with lots of minor color variations in no time.
The window was painted with a gloss varnish to get that shiny glass effect but it didn´t come thru on the pictures.

Highly recommended kit to get a nice terrain piece in no time.

Malcolm here is just shown for scale. Maybe he has some evil plans with this small factory...


  1. Looks great. These lasercut building are easy to put together and look great.

  2. Voila une belle maisonnette, et la figurine est très jolie. A bientôt Christian

    1. Big thanks Christian, glad you liked them.

  3. I love the color variations on the roof. Looks like some gorgeous slate tiling! Nicely done.

  4. Very nice. Especially the tiles that looks vivid and realistic.