Monday, 30 September 2013

Medieval infantry

My little venture into the Middle Ages continues in the form of some infantry. I used the plastic Norman infantry box from Conquest Games as a base for these.

I based them individually so I can use them for skirmish games if I want to.
As with the cavalry I painted these with blue and white as the main colors as I wanted them to be used as soldiers belonging to the House of Eric.

I wanted to test something out, this one is a plastic Hirdman from Gripping beast with a new head and a different shield. I am very pleased with this kitbashing and it shows lots of potential. My little test was a great success if I may say so myself.

This guy got a crossbow from some Warhammer Mordheim kit. You can’t have Swedish middle ages without crossbows. Simple but effective conversion.

Nice haircut… Latest fashion from France Im told. 

Battle of Lena, from the movie Arn


  1. J'aime bien cette armée avec de belles couleurs, inconnue en France. A bientôt Christian

  2. Greate work !!!

    Pleas keep going !

    Best regards Michael

  3. You've given me some great ideas, thx!