Sunday, 8 September 2013

Gubbspel Galore IV part2

I just taken the time to check and upload some more of my pictures from Gubbspel Galore IV.

 Another game of my Trollraid

 -Follow that troll...

These two small gnomes somehow managed to knock one of the big trolls out of action...
Do not underestimate the gnomes. ;)

And on the Sunday I instead held a big battle game. Even thoe the trollraiding games had been fun I thought it would be a shame to bring my whole collection and not using them at a gamingconvention.

That was the last of my pictures from Gubbspel Galore IV and I really hope to visit it agian next time.
Many a gnome was bashed during this weekend and maybe a retaliation game could be in order ?


  1. Très belles tables de jeux, les décors sont magnifique, très belles photos. A bientôt Christian

  2. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the pics some great tables (your own included obviously) Nice to see what games people where playing as well.

  4. Greate picture AAR !!!

    Best regards Michael

  5. Great pics, thanks for sharing.
    Will try to get the gang over to the next Gubbspel Galore