Saturday, 25 October 2014

Arabic workforce

I just finished a small workforce. Im not sure what to use them for yet. If they are meant to be used in sieges, objectives, rabbles to toss into the meat grinder or just as civilian "terrain pieces" to lift the gaming table.

Ever since I first saw the diggers from Westwinds mummy range I knew I wanted them. I wasnt to sure of what to use them for and in what game but I knew I wanted them.
Many years later I finally got them.

The rest of the workforce is made up out of Gripping Beast plastic Arabs with some extra tools also from GB.
And to make it looks like they are holding the tools I used some left over arms from some Wargames Factory bits.
I was given a sprue or two of Wargames Factory Vikings some years ago and besides being rather boring miniatures the compositions of the sprue's was really strange and I ended up with lots and lots of extra arms, and finally I had some use for them...

Im guessing having a unit of mixed metal and plastic miniatures will be a little strange when you will have to move the miniatures on a gamingtable because of the weight differences..

I gave them a quick paintjob and tried to keep a toned downed colours palette but for the time I gave them Im happy with the result.


  1. What a great looking unit, wonderful additions and perfect for Egyptian pulp games.

  2. They are nice sculpts. You've painted them so well I can't tell what parts are Vikings.

    1. Thanks.
      Just some arms so its not a big thing.

  3. Nice work! Civilians and other loiterers are always handy! Always makes the table look better.