Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Ayyubid Warlord

After last battle of Hail Caesar it was obvious that I needed more commanders. The army was just to cumbersome to move about.

So here we got a new mounted commander to lead my Ayyubids in battle.
The miniatures are from Gripping Beast but the dark painted horse is from Magister Militums fantasy lines. Its got a little gooky, "my little pony" kind of look but I think by painting it really dark I got away from it rather good I think.
The standard is a new try, its a transfer on a tinfoil primed white. I think it looks great, I haven’t decided yet if I think it was a little pricy because at the same time you got a number of banner transfers on that sheet.

I tried to include more of the colours of white and red.
Atleast on the banner bearer.


  1. Oh that looks simply awesome, sir! Love the banner, and the horse pose is truly excellent. If I was your opponent I'd certainly spend too much time marvelling at your command stand and not so much as to what your rank and file were up to :-)

  2. That is a thing of beauty, what a wonderful stand.

  3. Awesome, love the drama you've captured here. What a beautiful flag too!

  4. Very nice work on the command stand! The flag really looks great, and I'd expect it's also a lot easier to bend the flag into a realistic shape compared to paper flags.

  5. Very nice indeed.I like the islamic propaganda-banner very much! :) Did you print it yourself or bought from a shop? The scale is quite accurate.