Thursday, 15 November 2012

African death cult

African death cult
A bunch of religious fanatics with big ritual blades.

When I found this picture on the net I knew I had to use it as inspiration to my Tribal Africa project.
The picture is from the computer game Age of Cohan, but that’s about all I know of it. 
But that’s about all it took to give me the inspiration needed to create these miniatures. The base of the converted models are Perrys plastic Africans, some resin skulls I found and some graystuff (like greenstuff) and plasticard for the blades.

Close call, my 8 month old daughter found the camera more interesting then my miniatures. Let’s hope it stays that way…

Some reference pictures of the non converted original miniatures.

I wanted to paint them really dark, so that the white sculls on top of their head should really shine, to really stand out.
These religious fanatics are ready to take their toll on my other inhabitants of this project…


  1. Damn you are quick, I wasnt done editing the post.
    But thanks.

  2. Impressive!! I like them a lot!!! You had a fantastic idea!!

  3. That is one of the coolest conversions I've seen in some time!

  4. Stunning !!! Love those minis, very good work !

    best regards Michael

  5. Simply awesome! I love how dark and menacing they look, I wouldn't want to meet one of them in a dark alley... :)