Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Arabic kitbashing?

Arabic kitbashing

I had some left over bits from other projects and thought I could give this a go to maybe inspire someone to continue on this trail.

The body and heads are from Perrys plastic Ansar Mahadist, swordarm are from Perrys plastic Napoleonic Hussars and the shieldarm are from Victrix Napoleonics. The Shields are a mix of old GW shields and Piktish shield from Miniature Design Studio.

The emerging figures are a descent Medieval or Colonial era looking miniature.
Maybe they could be used for the Crusades or El Cid gaming without looking too far out of place?


  1. Hi,

    It looks like a great idea indeed. I don't know if it would do for the El Cid period, but could be nice in an Ottoman army or as some berberesks pirates.

  2. Interesting conversions- could be the start of something BIG...