Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Brettonia, medieval archers?

Sometime late spring I had an thought about doing 28mm mediaeval. And I persuaded my friend Håkan to depart from some of his older Brettonia miniatures that he didn´t use any more thinking they could be used to make up the cheap bulk force on an medieval collection.

I just gave them a quick white priming before painting and glued their foots to an plastic multibase. No paint cleaning just prime over the already existing paint. 
In medieval Im thinking brown… So I wanted lots of brown colors, and some red-brown to give the miniatures some colors.
Im really happy how they turned out with so little effort, some time a quick paintjob is all it takes.

 But 28mm medieval… Its not in my current list of projects and I went heavily with Vikings and my Tribal Africa instead of painting these since I got them. But with an small window now between I had replenished the lead(and plastic nowadays)pile I gave some of them some time. Hearing about different plastic infantry boxes from Fireforge games and the latest medieval miniatures from Crusader could help me expand this today small medieval collection.  Maybe sometime at the start of next year I will get me some new medieval miniatures. 

But the Brettonian archers, what conflicts could they be used in ?


  1. Looking realy good !!!

    Nice to see that you get in to the medieval era to, but shoulden you go for a Swedish or Danish force;)

    Time for a rebase... mix them up with some crossbowmen and spears etc and you got your self some realy nice 14th century Allmoge soldiers:)

    Battles between Queen margareta of Denmark and The Swedish? King Alberekt of Mecklenburg... skirmish cogs and Victualian Brotherhod...

    Sorry just gor carried away..

    Best regards Michael

  2. Thanks Dalauppror, I was really hoping you to do just that.
    At the moment I only got archers but thinking on what to get to expand the force.
    But I should settle for an era or conflict before I start expanding.