Sunday, 11 November 2012

Shaltari Tomahawk Grav Tank

More Shaltari for my ”pearl tribe”. 
I should find a fitting name given to the by the humans.
The humans name the diffrent tribes or give them a code name after human tribes from their past. Im thinking on giving them a name of some tribe famous for diving after pearls, or fishing in coral reefs but Im not sure on what yet.

Here I got some Tomahawk grav tanks. I love the sleek profile, and the big gun. Painted in the same way as my previously aa tanks but with a little different color palette. They are a little brighter. The main barrel of the canon was given a reddish tone. Im not totally sure if I should have gone for green or yellow instead but it works with red. Maybe test another color further on this project.

Thanks for watching.

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