Saturday, 9 August 2014

Here be Gold...

After what it feels like almost a year of absence from my Treemossfantasy project its time to gear up for the Gubbpel Galore V where I will hold some games. Come by and say hello.

This is just a small start of the output I plan to give now when Im retuning the old miniature factory to "Treemossfantasy" settings.

What we see here is some kind of crystal and some small pieces of what the English call "fools gold" but I think the Swedish word for it is funnier, Kattguld meaning Cat gold.
These where kindly donated from my friend Daniel ( that will help me arrange the games in Gothenburg.
Shown here for scale is a Red Box Games dwarf waiting for some paint.
Let it be beards in Gubbspel Galore V...


  1. What wonderful markers, the crystal is particularly good.

  2. I love the cat gold and eagerly await pics of the game.Good luck with the venture!

  3. What a source of incredible cool ideas... I must be copying this :)

  4. I participated last year in the troll hunt game or we were the trolls that was going to sack a gnome village but we ended up being the hunted. I for one had a blast! this looks promising and I will come up to Gubbspel this year to so I hope I can play a scenario at you're table.