Sunday, 3 August 2014

Veterans night at VÄS

Last Friday we had a Veterans night at the club, meaning only 18+ of age and alcohol admited.

I brought my French Napoleonic fleet for a game of Trafalgar a rum (for giving out extra ransons to the crew...) and some of my Death Korps of Krieg for a game of Kill Team in 40k.

Rum for the crew and Cognac for the Officers...
We played a game of Trafalgar where each player had command of one ship and we played French vs British.
We as the French had the mission to bring down the enemy flagship and the Britishs mission was to brake our fleet.

The British had a good start and the French had a realy lousy start.

By now three French ships where on fire, two of them was out of the game.
Its a bad thing to blame the dices but this game was the most extreem game of bad dicing for us an really really good for the British. We laughed about it and at one point I made a joke that the next broadside the English was about to fire would result in 3 sixes out of 4 dices, the result was four 1 but as the British goot a really really good special rules of rerolling their 1 (amongst many special rules...) and that reroll sure enough was with 3 sixes...

 We thought we had managed to corner the British flagship between the island and our guns.

French 3 class on fire resulting in a powder explosion.

The French navy was defeted. Not many ships still in action. If we had managed to just play another round things should have looked somewhat better with the British flagship would have been beached, taking damage from the rocks and a sitting target. Not that it would have made any real difference as we hadn´t enought guns left to bring.

This is a really fun way of playing Trafalgar, maybe next time each player could command two ships instead as loosing your ship early could be a litle booring. In this game that was not a problem as the French ships was set ablaze with a alarming rate.

Kill team is a adaptations for playing 200points game of 40k.
With the ever rising prices of warhammer this is a good way of playing 40k.

 Three Death Korps hold the objective (named Ilsa...) and have a nice fire possition.

 Death Riders in protection. Good thing they all have performed on horseshows...

This bike was really enoying... With Toughnes 5, 3+ armour and a 5+ Feel no pain (Special Kill team rule) Mathias did manage four Feel no pain rolls and he just didnt die...

But after enought men sent against him he finnaly got smashed in a bloody pulp.
Victory for the Death Korps in the name of the Emperor.

Kill Team is a interesting way of playing 40k and I can see me playing further games.

Thanks all for atending.

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