Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fantasy terrain

I thought I should update some terrain for this weekends Gubbspel Galore in Gothenburg so I took the liberty of pimping some terrain pieces that we have on the gaming club.
Nothing fancy but the extra layer of flock makes these fit just perfect for my Treemoss fantasy project.

 Oh, and I found my old backdrop again.


  1. Really nice terrain! I also love the backdrop you use. Makes all the difference. Were are the miniatures from? The female warrior (it looks like it anyway) is a very nice sculpt.

  2. Thanks Conny.
    The goblins are from Red Box Games, the troll from Ral Partha and the shieldmaiden comes from Bronze age miniatures. She is about a 32mm miniature so she is a bit larger then your normal norsemen but maybe Freja sent one of here Valkyries to clean out the forest...