Saturday, 14 April 2012

Things to come ?

Here in front of the cameraman we have the SS troops showing their skills in combat movement for a propaganda film.

The miniatures are all Warlord games. I have had these unpainted in my lead pile for some time now and thought that maybe its soon time too paint them. 
A friend of my just got some American paratroopers and was talking about gaming skirmish 28mm second world war.
Do check out his review of the paras.

Will I tag along on that project… I know myself so why not? But, which force to choose and what gaming rules to use?

Im thinking on getting some of warlord games British infantry and a Universal carrier or two to support the “poor bloody infantry”. 
But those Russian Maxim heavy machineguns or SS troops is tempting too.

Until I decide I could at least paint what I got before ordering a proper force.

Im thinking that I could use the Force on Force rules and use the classifications from Flames of War as a base for the rules.
Using for example Motivation from FoW Reluctant, Confident, Fearless, translated to FoF 6, 8 and 10.  


  1. I also got the Operation Squad rules and they seem like a great deal of fun :D
    Awsome minis hose SS, se you on the field soon ^^

  2. Force on Force is seeming the golden ruleset, but for simplicitys sake, ganeshagames Flyin' lead would be my second bet!

    I for one will stick to the true gentleman scale of 20mm, but I will follow your boyish 28mm painting with great interest though!

  3. Bhaha my 28mm super humans will laugh at your 20mm untermench...