Monday, 2 April 2012

Hell dorado – Candle

I painted another Lemure, Candle has to be one of my favorite sculpts.

I tried to paint it as the burning tail casting a warm light and a blue daylight from the other side. I realize that’s their not much daylight in hell but I like the effect.


  1. Nice to see Helldorade stuff, the game almost died a while back but seem to be back on track and models also seem a lot more reasonably priced these days. Do you have many Helldorado players where you live?

  2. Not even one. I love the histories in the rulebook and the models but I havn´t managed to lure any ones in to it.

  3. Too bad and I feel your pain. Also have a bunch of games that no-one seem to be interested in playing..

  4. Im not that sad really. I think its some of the best miniatures on the market, such a joy to paint. And they are not that expensive either so its worth getting them for painting alone.

    But of course it would be funnier to have someone to test the rules with.
    I will keep painting miniatures and maybe later on make some fitting terrain pieces.
    And in worst case I have to get two factions and that would just mean more nice miniatures to paint.