Saturday, 31 March 2012

Snow terrain, tutorial

Snow terrain tutorial

I was asked how I made the bases on my latest flames of war miniatures so I thought that a small tutorial would be in order.

I will show the techniques by making some areaterrain.

On my miniatures I had painted the base in light brown but here I will use the natural color of the sand. 
After I glued on the sand on the terrain pieces I waited for it to harden.

Next step is to use an old brush and some more white glue and adding the first grass color. After that a second color of grass. I like the effect of mixing more than one type of grass.

When they had hardened I added the snow.

And luckily for this tutorial it had snowed during the night so I can show you some pictures from my window showing the effects I am after.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the snow is from Woodland Scenic, and I think it was this one

And here are the flames of war miniatures that were mentioned.

Sturm platoon

Stug begleit

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