Monday, 5 March 2012

Luftwaffe Fieldtroops

I always had a soft spot for Luftwaffe troops.
All of a sudden the mechanics and ground personal were given a rifle and with almost no training they were sent to the front.

The miniatures are 15mm from Battlefront.

I bought them once in an attempt to be able to play them as the 16th Luftwaffenfelddivision, but has yet only painted this squad. One more squad is still in its blisterpack, hopefully they will see a battlefield sometime in an distant future.

And as a sidenote I just wanted to say that its a baaaad thing when you got King Tigers running about...
A friend and I just got our asses handed to us by some big cats in the latest game.

1 comment:

  1. Markings on the uniform, helmets and everything, great bases and a very uniform look. You keep raising the bar! Superb work again mate!

    King Tigers really are as badass as they look, right? ;)