Friday, 24 February 2012


Its been a while since I painted any 15mm WW2 stuff. But now when Battlefront is releasing the third edition and a friend started to talk about earlywar I couldn´t help my selves.
I open up the drawer with half painted miniatures (its rather crowded…) and brought some Panzer II into the light.
Now their painted up in dessert cammo and markings are added. Their good to go.

An understrength platoon of Panzer IIC belonging to the Leichte Panzerzug of the Stab of the II. Abteilung in the 5th Panzer Regiment of the 21 Panzer Division in the German Afrika Korps.

Tanks from Battlefront and the crew from Skytrex.


  1. Great paintjob, waiting for my own PzII's to arrive. I'll be using the Forged in Battle models.