Friday, 17 February 2012

En hel tomtearmé

I finally got my hands on the small bases I wanted. That meant that I could base all my gnomes.
The miniatures I bought from
Excellent service, highly recommended.

You must all be wondering why the peacefully gnomish populations are taking to arms, the answer lays in the aggressiveness of the trolls.

I think its time to soon stop using that troll every time I post pictures.

Trolltyg i tomteskogen


  1. I frickin' love this project and these little guys in particular! :-D

  2. Damn your fast, I just put this here.
    Thanks Anatoli

  3. You have to get some Gnome flower pults, those are awsome hahahahaaha.

  4. :) +++ for the pictures of the Troll and the gnomes:)

    Best regards dalauppror