Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Gubbspel Galore V, part 1

This weekend I was in Gothenburg attending Gubbspel Galore V.
My friend Daniel and I held games from my Treemoss fantasy project.

Gubbspel Galore is a very interesting convention as it is a gathering of so different games and different projects and people. Each game looks to be each persons small "child", their small piece of interest taking form in a diorama or game.

Big thanks to the crew behind Gubbspel for making this happen, I guess they have made an enormous work to actually make it happen. We couldn't have been treated better.

Here are some of the pictures taken from last Friday.

Jens stunning "Cactus archipelago"  game. Probably the best looking gaming board Iv´e ever seen.

30years war using the Pike and Shotte rules from Warlord Games

WW1 game using rules from the late Warhammer Historical.

It was a beautiful board to behold with all those trenches and bunkers and underground rooms with lift-able roofs. 

Anders Fallout themed game using the Pulp Allay rules.
The miniatures and the gaming board are just perfect for a Fallout game.

 More 30years war pictures. I was really tempted by all these beauty-full formations and miniatures.

Another very impressive gaming board, multi level Necromunda game full off details, small posters on the walls and such.

Skanders really fun looking game of post apoc game set in the archipelago of Gothenburg.
Danish Viking reanactors battleing it out with seamutants, the Swedish Karoliner sällskapet, fishermen from Gothenburg all named Glen (as in real life..) and so on.

And finally some more pictures of Jens stunning board, with working lights and all...
He used the Mutants and Death-ray rules from Ganesha Games.

These are the pictures I took from Gubbspel Galore V on the Friday. More pictures to follow in a later post when I had the time to go through them. Until then...


  1. Love the pictures.Jättefina bilder Jonas.Ser ut som ett besök fyllt med skojfriska upptåg och mycket inspiration.Var ön endast för visning eller spelades det där också?

    1. Tack. Det var ett fullt fungerande spelbord... Det är så man blir mörkrädd ibland. Snyggaste bordet jag sett skulle jag tro.

  2. What a diverse collection of games, and some amazing looking terrain! Looks like a very cool event :-)

  3. Excellent review. Looks like an awesome show!