Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Arab archers

I have just finished this small unit of Arab archers, I have based them individually and dont given them any shields or extra weapons as I intent to use them as light archers or skirmishers.
The archers are all from Gripping Beast plastic kit.

They are accompanied by a sort of Imam figure filling them with religious devotion. The Imam is from Gripping Beast Moorish miniature line and I chose to give him on of the single bases from Victrix to make him stand out a little but still being able to rank up in a unit if needing to.

To bad the bows are miscast or damaged, that box aint perfect.


  1. Wow. Lots of arabs so far. Lookin' good! How many have you finished?

  2. Thanks John.

    I think "not enough" is a number right ?

    It has grown over time and Im not tired of them yet. I plan to have a game in a week or two and then I will try to take a new army shot of the collection and we will see.

    1. Yeah..that's a number alright ;)

      Will be exciting too see an armyphoto :) What rule system?

    2. I plan to use them in Hail Caesar but as they are historical I guess any set of rules could do.

  3. Nice pictures. I read that you are preparing these troops for Hail Caesar. I have the warlord rulebook but I have not played it yet.
    I'm painting a group of Hospitallers knights but I'll use them for SAGA. Have you tried Saga?

    1. Thanks.

      I have the Saga rules but havn´t actually played any games with it yet.

      In my Crusader project I have based some miniatures individually so they could be used in games like Saga/ Cressent and Cross or other smaller types of games.
      In Hail Caesar I just use a movement tray so invidual based miniatures are not so mutch of a problem.

      In this case here the archers are meant to act in open order so individual basing is prefered.