Monday, 8 September 2014

Saharan/Sudanese spearmen unit

I painted another unit of Saharan/Sudanese. This time a spearmen unit. They will join up with my Ayyabid and as they are somewhat toughter tribal warriors then your average citydwelling spearmen unit I will field them without the negeative special rules the standard spearmen get in a Hail Caesar Ayyabid force.

I wanted blue as the focus colour of my Saharan/Sudanese but on this unit I see that they developed some more redish tone then the others. But they still got the blue colors in the unit so I think they will still match the others.

After asembling and primed the miniatures I noticed that I had more miniatures then I needed for a "standard size" unit in Hail Caesar but I based them individual so I can mix them with other units in my force. I think I was four men short in another unit so this turned out great.

The miniatures are a mixture of Gripping Beast plastic and metall arabs/morish troops, some really nice Magister Militum miniatures and some of Perrys Mahadist upprising plastic miniatures with bits swaped with the Gripping Beast plastics. I mixed the shields around to get a nice variation.
All shields are handpainted with brown as a joining colour to tie the unit further together.

It was hard to take any good pictures of them but I hope you can see them good enought.