Friday, 5 September 2014

Gubbspel Galore V, part 2

Here are part two.

Pictures taken from Saturday and Sunday

First out is some pictures from my and Daniels game. A quiet gnome village early in the morning, they do not know what's waiting for them later during the day...

The first scenario we played was that each player controlled a troll and set loose making mayhem pillaging and robbing as the went. We used the historical rule set of Hail Caesar as a base but with some special rules and small modifications. 

We played a nice game of Hjärnor (Brains) a Zombie game set in Sweden with really nice terrain. All the buildings have liftable roofs and interior for the heroes to explore. I played a trucker working weekends as a Elvis imitator.

A Zombie attack us at the stripperclub.

 An allay we thought could save us... Loads and loads of zombies starts to pour in...

One of the players had a bike and sneaked past the zombies on the far side of the gaming table.

As a last stand my character took up his guitar an played some Elvis songs and by doing this forced all the zombies to move in his direction. This saved the majority of our croup but left me and a fellow hero in the mids of the zombie hoard....

In our Trolls and Gnome game one of the trolls have here entered into a pigsty only to be attacked by the gnomes living in the village.

This troll was seen chased around the board trying to outrun the gnome and run past some houses only to be cornered by another group of gnomes from inside the village.

Anders Fallout game using Pulp Allay as a ruleset.

Kaboom... My super mutant fire explosives against the gray aliens.

A better picture of the whole Treemoss fantasy board in one of the games.

When one of the trolls tried to eat a toad he accidently kissed it and it turned into a prince, a very angry elven prince... The elven prince would run around firing magical arrows against the trolls and being very hard to catch.

A full band of gnomish militia chases the trools out of the village.

One troll try to drag two pigs away as the gnome homeguard closes in...

Ghost in the Shell game, again Anders supplied the miniature and used Pulp Allay here to.

A game of Saga.

A Bushido tournament.
There were also a X-wing tournament.
The boring part was that they did seemed to attract a lot of people but they were only there for the tournaments, when their games were finished they seemed to leave instead of participate in all the other fun things and games.

A Dust tactics game, it did look good and sure made me a little soft for Wierd War.... Those walkers looks great.

The seacreatures from Jens excellent game of Mutants and deathray.

With working lights...
The humans have taken up fire positions and awaits the creatures.

Here are some pictures of another scenario, the trolls having plundered the gnome village are them self getting robbed by a group of dwarves... Its now every troll for him or here self, most treasures at the end of the game wins...
One of the trolls found Princess Tuvstarr in the forest and wants to bring her to his stash.
(Ok, this sounds extremely objectifying of a women and Im sorry for that. But having tried to analyze the original fairytale/story with princess Tuvstarr from 1913 I think this somewhat reflects the trolls and other creatures reactions to her in the story).

She was hereafter referred to as his wife and he looked angerly on any other troll getting to close.

One of the trolls trying to smash some dwarf adventurers with a big rock.

A troll is attacking a group of dwarves thats after his treasures.

Another game, this time the Trollraid on gnome village scenario.

Thats all the pictures I got. A nice convention with lots of fun games.

I have found some links to Gubbspel Galore V pictures. Enjoy.


  1. Great pictures, a beautiful terrain (love the water!)....

  2. Fantasticus! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that huge tree stand and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

    On a side note:
    "Ok, this sounds extremely objectifying of a women and Im sorry for that."

    I think it is sad that you feel like you have to apologize for this. With all the real problems in the world (ebola, ISIL), if a woman gets angry over how you used your miniature, she has some serious mental issues and needs therapy.

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