Sunday, 28 September 2014

Saracen army

Before a big battle last Thursday I took some armyshot, pictures of my Saracen army.

Its a nice way to really appreciate what you got, to let them all be on the same table at the same time. And its nice to see the progress since last time I did this sort of armyshot.

But I must say that the 180cm wide table look a bit crowded.
I must start deploy in depth and keep adding more miniatures...  

My own thought is that I should really try to ad many more banners into this army. I would love the table full of banners and flags.

If any one got a special wish for future units or other anything else please tell.
On the to do list amongst many things is to ad more Azerbajani swordsmen so I can use them in a standard sized unit instead of a small as now.


  1. Lovely looking army with many, bright units. More flags are always good!

  2. Nice work. Glad to see people putting work into an army of this size.