Sunday, 15 April 2012

DBA Maya III/22 c

DBA  Maya III/22 c

The Easter holidays were closing in and I was thinking that in those couple of extra days of from work I should get something painted. 

I was considering what I should paint and then it hit me. Of course it was so obvious to me now.

During the Easter 2012 I should paint my DBA Maya army until then hibernating in the leadpile (mountain…) with all their feathers… 

The week before Easter, Easter, the week after past but finally they are done. 
The planning with a young daughter is not what it used to be but Im loving every minute of it.


I wanted to have jungle bases with lots of green colors.
And for inspiration I mostly used this image.


And if I will be lacking a historical enemy at the club I guess I could always venture farther in the jungle and pick on a smaller jungle tribe…
Why not my Amazonians?


  1. Very nice looking DBA army !

    Best regards dalauppror

  2. Very nice, Dino wants conquistadors ;)