Monday, 21 July 2014

Jungle Cannibals

During last week I visited my parents in law at their summer house in the archipelago between Västervik and Oskarshamn. But no worries, stuck on an island I had brought with me some miniatures to paint...

The miniatures are from North Star, except the witchdoctor/medicine man who are from Foundry.
I really like these North Star miniatures, they are lots of fun to paint.

I thought I could give my Jungle Cannibals some reinforcements as Im somehow drawn to my Tribal Africa project again. It feels good to take up a older project and continuing where I left it.

And with the rest of the tribesmen on their warband movement trays from Tiny Terrain


  1. Very nice looking miniatures! Especially the masks on some of them really add a lot of character. And good work on the dark skin. It's one of the hardest to get looking good

    1. Thanks, the pictures does not make them justice. Its hard to take good pictures on darker miniatures.

  2. Great job, I loved these miniatures and need to add a few more to the collection.

  3. Great painting-job Jonas! Love the masks.The big question is though: are these hardworking chaps unmarried or married warriors? :)