Monday, 14 July 2014

Wexio spelkonvent, gaming convention day 2

And here are the pictures taken from day two.

After 3 victory's out of 3 games the first day I knew my luck would end any second.
I had a Shaltari and a PHR army to meet. I did manage surprisingly good with one draw and a small loss. Im extremely happy with my small soldiers, they did good real good.

This meant that I ended on the third place, behind the two organisers of the tournament (which I had beaten the other day... *cought cought*).
And as such I would win first price (as the organizers was disqualified from any prices). I chose a kit of some brushes, dices and a ruler.

As the convention and the games were taking its toll on strength I didn´t take as many pictures as day one.

Thanks for Erik ( and Stefan for a nice tournament and all the players attended. I meat some people I hadn´t meet for some time as well as some new ones.

After a crappy start with heavy losses I got back in the gamed and although I took some casualties advancing and he made some excellent hit and run moves I pushed on and demanded revenge. A very close game and tie. The kill score was differing only 4points in a 1500pts army so that says a lot about how close this game ended. 

A nice Shaltari vs Shaltari picture.

Cursed PHR, you do not want to get stopped with motor problems when you rely on moving about with a skimmer bonus.

After this I shifted my whole army to his flank and almost pulled it out. Only just loosing because of his infantry in the houses got him his points. On the ground I was in command by now.
It was a nice comeback after seeing my force decimated the first couple of turns from his head on assault. Shifting to the flank and pulling his forces apart, I should have done this much earlier and things could have looked differently.

The guys at the prize ceremony.

Here are some other post about Wexio Gaming Convention or the Dropzone Commander tournament.

And we made it in the local news paper.

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