Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Heavy Armoured Squadron, 8th army

Heavy Armoured Squadron
1000pts Flames of war force, Mid-war.

I have now finished a small British Heavy Armoured Squadron for Flames of war.
Is it a good one? Probably not but it’s cool, that’s what’s matter.

If I later want to expand this small list Im open for some different ideas. I could add Bofors AA guns that in the combination with my infantry hold one objective while the rest of the force attacks.

Some artillery or smoke would be nice, maybe add some 25 pounders or aircrafts.

Or I could go all in for a offensive option adding Crusaders or Honeys and maybe some more Universal carrier, taking the fighting to the enemy.

But the small 1000pts list that I had planed is now finished.

Heavy Armoured squadron, Africa
Rules from "North Africa"

Hq 185pts
CC Grant tank
2iC Grant tank 

3 Grant tanks, 280pts

3 Grant tanks, 280pts

3x Universal Carrier +3x extra MG, 105pts

1x Command Rifle/MG, 6x Rifle/MG, 145pts
(Pay points for a Field Platoon, Royal Engineers and truck and switch it for a Rifle platoon)

Totalt 995pts
This leaves me with 5 points that I could spend on maybe an extra aa mg for the 2iC

Oh and Alexander if you read this, the bases on the Infantry are fixed now. Thanks.


  1. Rommel risque de souffrir. Très belle armée Anglaise belle peinture, en espérant voir aussi de l'artillerie pour bientôt. A plus Christian

  2. Thank you, Christian. We will se about artillery, thats a later project if I choose to expand the list.

  3. That is a great looking force!