Saturday, 5 May 2012

First African tribe done

My first tribe finished.

I speeded by some of my regular highlightning to get these finished quicker. 
They still turned out mighty fine.
I wanted to use a really dark skin tone and kept most of their clothing in yellow-brown tones. In the background you can see some of my coming terrain, more on those later.

There are still some miniatures left in the box but Im saving those for later.

What I got here is a Chief, a second in command, two drummers and 3x 8 men with spears and shields.

My favorite has to be the drummer with the hat, running around and singing, yelling and making noises.


  1. Like these alot, what are you using them for? rules?

    Best regards Michael

  2. Thanks, my idea is to get atleast two tribes and try out the Hail Caesar rules. The plan is to have one tribe (this one) oriented towards shortrange and skirmishers and the outher more close combat. So that the tribes will be diffrent in stile.
    Im not sure that I can balance that or exactly what stats to give each tribe and unit but it should work with some tinkering.
    Im gueasing the first playtest will result in total slaughter of one of the tribes untill I get the balancing right.
    I intend to atleast now in the beginning to use small units of around 8 men.