Friday, 16 January 2015

Cut out that damned music... or else...

I found some nice miniatures that I just had to have.

The miniatures are from Midlam miniatures, a company to me unknown until recently from their Arabian nights range.

The miniatures maybe got more of an fantasy feeling to them then historical but I like them.

They are based on square bases with rounded edges from Victrix.

The snake charmer got a double base.

I painted and based the Hashashin to have a darker front and lighter look from the back. I dont think I really pulled that one of as I intended.

I ordered more miniatures from Midlam Miniatures so expect more of this kind in the future...


  1. Beautiful job, love the snake charmer!

  2. What fabulous miniatures and beautifully painted.

  3. The snake charmer slept with the khalifs daughter who sent an assassin to kill him... who will thwart this scoundrel?!

  4. Greate addition to your collection !