Monday, 5 September 2011

Painting modern American camo

I made a quick tutorial how I indend to paint my American troops. Sorry for some of the bad pictures.
These models were fun to paint. Expect more to come.
The technique I will show is something that worked perfectly to paint German tropentarn camo in 28mm and I hope it will work here to.

I will try to paint a 1/72 Caesar model after this camo.

Step 1: Spray paint the model white.

 Step 2: Paint the on the places that you want the camo on with Valejjo 884 Stone Grey.

 Step 3: Use a sponging technique with the packing material you get in some blister when you buy miniature.
And sponge on some Vallejo German Fieldgrey 830 over the basecolor camo.

Step 4: Sponge on some Vallejo Green Grey 886.

Step 5: Paint all metal and other things like the straps for the goggles and so on with Vallejo German Gray 995 (best paint ever). I even painted over some of the earlier painting I have done with a water down mix of German Gray to give a better effect on shadows and to mark where the kneecaps ends and so on.

Step 6: I painted the skin with Vallejo Flat Flesh 955.

Step 7: Painted the boots with Vallejo Iraqi Sand 819.

Step 8: Now I realized that I had enhanced the shadow on the uniform but not on the skin and boots. Now would be a god time to do it instead of doing it in step 5.
So paint some watered down German Gray on the last parts, the boots and on the edges of the skin. I also painted some GW Wash Devlar mud on the places I wanted to enhance the shadows on. You should not paint the whole model with watered down German Gray and Devlar mud as this will make the effects of the camo disappear, just paint were you want to enhance the shadows.
I think the model is now tabletop and could be used in play.

Step 9. I now highlight some of the places on the model with the same basecolor I used on that place. So Iraqi Sand to highlight the boots and Flat flesh to highlight the skin.

Step 10. Small useless detail that no one will notice on a gametable. But fun to see if you look closer.
An American flag on one of the shoulder, a light highlight of dust on the weapon and a thin layer of red on the underlip the model. The lip I painted with GW Wash Ogryn Flesh and this should only be applied on the underlip or else it will look like lipstick.

So there you have it.


  1. Great looking stuff there! Good tutorial too. :)

  2. Thats a great start!

  3. Thank you for your comments, it always helps to keep the motivation on top. Thanks.
    As soon as the bases are done his buddies will arrive here to…

  4. Not my thing, but nicely done!