Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Late night ordering..

While working on the final steps of my thesis in a distance course I have studied, one of many late nights resulting in that rather studied I ventured into hobby pages instead… One fruit of these late night purchase arrived yesterday…

I did get a little of everything.
I guess that’s just show that when put onto pressure, lacking sleep from all to many late nights in a row from the studies, disturbed sleep when you finally having gone to bed by the little ones,  you rather easily takes random small brakes into the world of your hobby.
But on the plus side I hope to have more free time now to work with all the late night purchases now when the thesis is handled in. :D

About the War-bases order, I got a little of everything.

Small round bases with the intension of maybe future 15mm Lions Rampant like games using the ideas originally from Michael “Dalauppror” but scaled down like “Mr.J” from http://www.lead-adventure.de/index.php?topic=85854.0

Some small ladders and warmachines intended for my Crusading project.

Some animals both to the Crusaders and to my Norsemen.

A compass to games like Trafalgar and its like.

Some movement trays. 


  1. Excellent, I'm glad it is not just me that does that!

  2. "Disturbed Sleep", I know all about that over the last year or so. Good thing I don't order like that when it happens..... ;)

  3. lol I have the same problem. Especially when I have paypal balance as well. Best of luck with the 15mm project. Shall look forward to seeing them with a smidge of paint on.