Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Death Korps vs Renegades, 40k AAR

Last Saturday, Johan and I decided to have another game of Warhammer 40k.
I would be fielding my Death Korps and Johan his Renegades.
We decided on 1500points.
I wanted to use my entire cavalry collection as it feels like it been ages since they were all on the same table. So a heavy Cavalry theme was the plan, to support these I got two Griffons, some Autocannons, one platoon of infantry and a squad of grenadiers and a squad of Engineers in an Centaur.

On the opposing side I would be facing Johans awesome converted Ogryns, lots of squad of Renegades with heavy weapon teams inside and two small even more awesome converted tankete squadrons (using sentinel rules).

The game started with a general advance on my behalf.

I think I did get a bit carried away with wanting my cavalry into close combat and moved them a little to far.
Johan was able to close in and charge me instead, reducing me to sabres and laspistols instead of lances, darn it…

Somehow this catastrophe did not happen as Johan did roll extremely badly and I not only did survive I was also able to win one of the combats.

I followed up this combat with a squad of regular infantry tipping the numbers in my favor.

One squadron of cavalry charges forward, I kept one as a reserve and the Centaur not wanting to use up that precious one use lance.

Fearing what the Ogryns would be able to do if given the chance I charged two unit of Deathriders into them.

And I managed to kill them off completely on the charge, denying them to strike back. It was on the last wound but that was all I needed. 

Enemy Tankete reserves arrive…

Only the Commissar survived.

Enemy heretical command psyker and his bodyguard charges me… He is using his psykic ability to enhance his strength and becomes a powerful enemy that could spell trouble. Unfortunately Johan continues his extremely bad rolling and his presence where hardly felt.

A small unit of Deathriders plan to charge the enemy, but that was not to bee. Both of them were gunned down by the enemy as a charge reaction, the Autocannons in their unit sure paid off.

I managed to strike down some of the heretical overlords guards in the fight and that was enough to make him flee and he was trampled down by the hooves of my horses.

 My engineers dismount and assault the tankets combined with the mounted Commissar.

Another unit of Tanketes arrive. I had kept one unit of infantry and their platoon commander back for such a thing. Just hope that that’s enough.

Two decimated unit of Deathriders charges in with sabres drawn.

The combined fire of Autocannon teams and the meltaguns from the platoon command squad wrecks havoc on the enemy tankets.

Enemy tanket tried to drive away from my engineers and help their faltering center positions, I catch up and destroys it.
The Deathriders have cleared the difficult terrain of the last heretic presence.

The fields belongs to the Death Korps of Krieg…

Big thanks Johan for a nice game. I promise not to field such numbers of Deathriders in the next game. :P 

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