Friday, 15 January 2016

Viking Bondi

It feels good to have painted some historical miniatures again after a small hiatus. Here I got a unit of Norsemen Bondi with lots of coloured shields.
The miniatures are a mix of different makers and gives the unit a nice motion an feel. Most men are Gripping Beast plastic Dark age warriors, some with their Hirdmen heads, but you can also find bits and miniatures from Warlord Games Celts and Fireforge foot sergeants. Into that I have mixed some metal miniatures, from Drabant miniatures and others.

 The daughter is making a spear sharpness inspection...

 Here are the men in 3rank deep formation instead.

I tried to paint some tattoos on this berserker, Im not totally happy with the result. I think I should have a more blueish tint on the tattoos.

 Here you can see the different bases. I single based more of these then I normally do because I wanted some of them for skirmish games.

And here are a close up on the handpainted banners. The red one is a "troll cross", a protection sign.
I painted more banners then I would like for a unit but that is to compensate for my overall lack of banners in my collection earlier. These will be distributed along the other Norsemen I got to balance it out.