Sunday, 11 June 2017

Lion Rampant, Crusades AAR

I found some pictures of a game of Lion Rampant my friend Johan and I had back in march. Some of the details are a bit hazy but it feels bad not to post them even if the actual aar will be a bit lacking...

This is a game in our Crusade project and I would be using my Frech crusading force.

The Saracen caravan

The French commander with a unit of crossbowmen is blocking the path.

A flanking force of Crossbowmen and mounted Serjeants.

The Caravan advances and the cavalry moves out. The light cavalry is met with crossbows and are pushed back.

My lone knight unit on the other flank is severely damaged after continues rounds of fire from the Saracens. But I didnt want to commit them as I wanted the deterrent they was and forced the Saracen to split their force and not be so strong in the more important front of the caravan. 

The French commander advances and later charges in.

A lone unit of crossbowmen inflicts heavy casualties.

My opponent used the tactics of forcing me to shoot at his lighter cavalry with greater charge range as the rules for choosing enemies forces you to first shoot at the units able to charge you, and with the light cavalries long movement his heavier Mamluks (mounted serjeants) was saved.

But in the end the combined charge of my cavarly and the heavy showering of bolts from my crossbow units was to much and I nicked a victory at the very end. A victory by the slightest marginals but none the less. The game could have easily gone the other way around.


  1. It looks like it was a great game.

  2. Nice looking game ......slow progress on my arabs I need to push them up the list 😀

  3. Another invitation to Eric's Shed yesterday and another run out for his marvellous desert terrain. This time we were back in the time of the Crusades. I have wanted to play a Crusades wargame for years and the first of the Perry ranges that really tempted me was their First Crusade range.