Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Warhammer 8th edition release event

We had a little gaming day in our club because of the release of the 8th edition of Warhammer 40k this Saturday.

I couldn't attend until later in the evening but I managed to play one game and get a small feeling for this new edition. I will have to try it out a couple of more turn before I can really say anything about it.

As the rules for Death Korps of Krieg isn't released yet I went with the regular for Imperial Guards but choose a rather boring tank formation as not to use the wrong miniatures for the wrong rules.

I think it was called a Spearhead formation and it had a minimum of 1 HQ and 3 Heavy Supports, 1000pts of this I could easily fill with my vehicles.

I would be facing Harlequins, an Eldar faction I never met before let alone in a new set of rules. All I knew is that they would be fast, sneaky and hit hard. My opponent would not let me down on that...

We rolled some dice and a deployment and objectives were decided.

The Eldars were fast... really fast they were almost on top of me in his first turn. I didnt manage to take down a single vehicle, their special rule of giving me -1 to hit combined with their 4+ shields was giving me a big big problem. This didnt feel good at all, for a shooting army with no close combat units at all this could be game braking round one...

In his round two he unloaded and charged my tanks.

A unit trapped in close combat can try to free itself by driving away but missing its next shooting phase. This could be a nice tactics in the future, to charge an enemy tank or other unit just to hinder it from shooting, you dont even have to win the combat. Just tying it down is great.

I tried to free my self from the Eldars but the battered Leman Russ was all to damaged and couldnt move far enough to disengage.

The Eldar Harlequin troops charged yet again my disengaged Leman Russ and took it out.

In one corner my Hydra AA tank was assailed by three Eldar skimmers. The Hydra is built to combat these kind of enemy but to no avail.
The Eldars were cutting a explosive path in my lines, by now all that was remaining was an Artillery officer and two damaged Basilisks. Granted the enemy had taking some heavy losses by now also but it was not enough.
We rolled a dice to see if the gamy would end but it did not, I needed to survive at least one turn more to not be wiped.
In my opponents turn the Eldar charged in again, but my Basilisks survived another turn.

In my turn I backed away and got close to two objectives.

When the dice was rolled to get another turn it instead now ended. And... because one of the special rules for this scenario was called "big guns never tire" and that meant that Heavy support choices wins any objectives they are close to. That meant that my last ditch of movement with the Basilisks gave me two objectives and victory...

An totally undeserving victory but if its something Imperial Guard is good at it is to take casualties until the enemy gets tired...

 Here are some more pictures from other peoples games.

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