Wednesday, 21 June 2017

40k 8ed game

We had another 40k 8th edition game with 3x 1000pts armies on each side.
I would dust of my old Sisters of Battle and ally with Space wolves and Dark Eldar and we wound meet two Eldar forces and one Ork force.

In the middle of the forest an military base wound be the centre of attention. 

The Orks are up for a quick start.

Imperial and Dark Eldar forces moves out.

My Rhino is taken out by the Eldar Wraith Lord, I disembark behind the large brown building in an attempt to get protection from that beast. But apparently this tactic meant the opposite, the Wraith Lord could later charge me but I could fire at him as a charge response.

My Exorcist have a nice firing line here...

A lone surviving Burna boy, I tried to back him over with my Rhino but it feels almost impossible to get that 6 to hit with a vehicle in close combat now a days.

We are pushing hard...
A unit of Sisters of Battle had disembarked their Rhino and moved up to burn some Eldar with their flamer and heavy flamer. After that I ordered a charge to try to finish them of.

Space Wulves charges the Eldar firing position on the hill.

We tried to swarm the big big Ork moving fortress. I used my Sisters to block him from disembarking closer to the centre as one of our objectives for this turn was to keep the enemy a couple of inches from the centre, marked red.

Here we called it a day, the Eldar and Ork forces was ahead in points and was deemed the winners. But they had almost no forces left and we still had more to push with.
Had the game continued Im sure it would have looked differently.

This was a really great game and I had lots of fun playing my Sisters of Battle again.

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