Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy escalation campaign day, 1000pts Part 1

Earlier this month we played another campaign day in our Horus Heresy Escalation campaign day, we are up to 1000pts now.
This post will be part 1 of the event.

We had our campaign day at the Wexio Spelkonvent to support their work (http://wexiospelkonvent.se)

My first game with my Solar Auxilia would be against Linus Night Lords
This game had two types of markers, black and white. We decided that you would score points for capturing black markers in the enemy deployment zone and capturing white ones gave you a roll on a special list. That special roll could result in anything from neutral enemies, booby traps, weapon platforms or special equipments.

The Nigh Lords stumbled on two mutant beast having a nice camping, the Doredeo made short work of them.
The Solar Auxilia infantry moves up, the Dracosan takes a hiding position from the enemy lascannons on the Landraider waiting for the enemy to instead close in on me.

A Tarantula tries to defend a black marker as the axe wielding Veletaris moves forward.

 I had managed to shoot some jump pack marines but they are fast and moves in. I managed to take some more down with defensive fire as they charged.

The enemy Preator and bodyguards disengage from their Landraider.

A hole is made in the Rotor cannon Veletaris squad and they are pushed back. My Veletaris with Volcites disembark and the Dracosan moves back. Time for some payback...

The Jump pack marines are swarmed and stabbed to death with bayonets, hurray for regular humans...

I had managed to gun down all but his Preator and he charges my Veletaris

And they really didnt even stand a chance...

But the Dracosan managed to get a perfect hit and he or rather what is left of him is smeared all over that big cliff...
With high moral my lasrifle section moves up and fires at the marines, to no effect...
My Veletaris with axes had taken a lot of casualties from that Daredeo as all its weapons just cuts right through my armour. So I reckoned my only option was to charge it and hope that their prime (equivalent of sergeant) would hit it with its meltabomb...

The enemy landraider was pushing forward and blew my Dracosan to pieces. My Command squad tries to use the Lascannon platform as my Veletaris Prime with a medic droid (Medicae Ordely) tries to moves forward. 
I would never reach a objective before the game would end so I decided to charge the Landraider and hope for the best, the Medicae Ordely died from defensive fire but the Prime survived... And managed to plant a meltabomb on the Landraider blewing it into smithereens, unfortunately taking the Prime with it. He was awarded a medal as he was patched up on the sickbed in time for the next game.
On the other side of the table my Lasgun section had been killed by the Tacticals but my Veletaris with axes managed to survive the whole game in close combat with the Doredeo and later the tacticals to, tying that flank down.
Nether of us had managed to get a objective on the opponents table edge but I had managed to slay the enemy warlord resulting in a small small victory for the Loyalist...
Linus Night Lords had managed to find a civilian that he choose to torture for information in the game earning the traitors a point in the campaign results.

A BIG THANKS to Linus for this excellent nerve shattering game, one of the most intense and fun games I have had.
My heart was still pumping fast when we had a brake for lunch after this game.

 Here under are some other pictures from some players game as we had our.


  1. cool lookign armies and good report. Seems like shit got awfully real in space kabul.

    looking forward to see more