Thursday, 27 July 2017

Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy escalation campaign day, 1000pts Part 2

Here are part 2 of our Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy 1000pts Escalation Campaign day at Wexio Spelkonvent 2017.

As always, not nearly enough pictures where taken but this is what I got. I wish I had the time to take some more pictures of the other players games.

My Solar Auxilia troops have had a small respite and resupplied but more importunity my Prime (sergeant) from the Rotor cannon Veletaris squad had gotten up from his sickbed sustained from the injuries he had taken as he single handedly blow a Land Raider up in the previous game.

The Imperial command had ordered us to make a tactical move trough the underground in force, destroying anything we encounter and be ready to use our hidden movement under the battlefield to deploy behind enemy lines.

The problem was that Astartes of the traitor Emperors Children was also trying to use this part of the underground for redeploying forces as well.
In the previous game on this table the players had made a whole in one of the big gas tanks resulting in toxic fumes spilling all over the place. The whole table would count as toxic or vacuum from the advance rules of Zone Mortalis, this would be of no problem for my troops as they were all wearing Void armour.

The Emperors Children moves out fast, to fast for my liking.
On the good side the enemy stumbled on to a big minotaurish beast and had to deal with him. It didnt take much time for the Contemptor Dreadnought but still...

The enemy commander managed to find a pet in the underhive, perfect just perfect.
I dont really remember but I think the dog gave him a invulnerable save, think of a Saint Bernard with that barrel for refreshment.

My Dracosan where holed back but other then that I gave an general advance order.

My Veletaris with power axes managed to find a breaching drill, that could come in handy against those traitors...

One of my Lasrifle section was gunned down by the Dreadnought.
But I was more worried about the traitor Emperors Children HQ with its bodyguard, equipped with jump pack they would be over me in no time.

But... My Veletaris with Rotor cannons totally obliterated them totally, even with the refreshments from the dog...
Damn... I had always thought that the Rotor cannons were a rather bad unit but I included one just for the rule of cool. With the number of dice you will find a crack in their armour...

Meanwhile the enemy on my right flank had moved forward and my Dracosan and Veletaris with Volkites moves up to counter them... The 5" blast from the Dracosan makes a huge whole in the enemy unit... They are finished of by the Veletaris.

By now the road was clear and the Veletaris had mounted up and the Dracosan speeded through the enemy lines.
I got a small Lasrifle section on my left flank that could run through unhindered as my axe wielding Veletaris took out the enemy tacticals in front of them with the help of their breaching drill they found. I was later charged by the Contemptor.
I had managed to take out the enemy tank and about now all was left of the enemy force was that brutal Contemptor Dreadnought that just slaughtered its way through my lines.

A victory for the Solar Auxilia.
As a special reward for this scenario in my next game I would be granted to deploy 1D3 units with outflanking to simulate the movement of troops under the enemy positions. And of course I rolled a 1...

Here are some pictures from the other players games

Space Wolves vs Emperors Children with cultist support

Alpha Legion vs Iron Hands

Night Lords vs Sons of Horus

Space Wolves vs Word Bearers