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Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy escalation campaign day, 1000pts Part 3

Here are part 3 from our Horus Heresy Escalation campaign we had at Wexio Spelkonvent 2017. At the moment we are up to 1000pts.

This was the last game I played.

My Solar Auxilia would assist the Iron hands vs Night Lords and Alpha Legion.
I choose to put my Veletaris with their Dracosan transport in outflanking as per the special rule from previous game.

The traitors got the first turn and hit us hard...
Long range fire from the Night Lords combined with the fire position of the Alpha Legion meant that amongst other things we lost a Dorodeo and a Rhino just like that...

Alpha Legion fire position can be seen to the right end of the picture. Our response was pouring fire onto them and their casualties number started to staggering up. My Veletaris with Rotor cannons was dealing out an especially hight number of wounds...

A zombie horde swarmed out of the ventilation shaft, apparently something in the underground had disturbed them... Our game was linked to another table and a random event down their had triggered this. Thanks guys...

But the Iron Hand managed to make short work of them and they posed no real dangers to the Astartes.
My axe vielding Veletaris is supporting from the rear, ready to move up if anything scary shows itself (and using the Astartes as shields from enemy fire).

The Nigh Lord player figured that if they could get up here he could get down there... So a unit of Night Lord jump infantry left our table through another ventilation shaft and join the traitors in the underground.

Alpha Legion flamer squad deployed from their special drop pod that flew away. I took far less casualties then I should have here somehow.

For some reason I didnt take any more pictures of our game after this unfortunately. That is to bad because their were lots of moment that really should have been captured.

Later my Dracosan entered the opponent table and deployed its Veletaris. Nether the Dracosan or the Veletaris managed to make a big impact on the table even though they found a Lascannon platform to operate but because the mission was to have units in the opponents deployment zone they still filled a role.

My Veletaris with Rotor cannons again performed excellent. Gunning down Alpha Legion marines in heaps... Their squad leader is recommended for a lot of medals after this game... The dice Gods were really with them in this day.

My Veletaris with Power axes was confronted with a Night Lord Preator with terminator bodyguards and lets just say that striking last against such monsters is not a fun thing to do...

After all the dust have settled on the battlefield the Loyalist were supreme and won a victory on this day. My Veletaris with their Dracosan that moved up from the flank through the underhive combined with Iron Hands soldiers that had managed to push forward carried the day.

On the other tables it looked something like this.

Sons of Horus (or should that be Lunar Wolves?) vs Word Bearers

Space Wolves and Space Wolves vs Emperors Children and Emperors Children.
This game and ours were linked meaning that we could effect each others tables.
Some units from each tables, troops or npc:s ended up on the other ones for different reasons, finding ventilation shafts, big holes from artillery or space ships in orbit, cave ins, and other effects.
At one point I tried to use my `one use artillery´ from my HQ but the space ship in orbit didnt catch any enemy in the underhive as I guessed the coordinates wrong.

At the end of the day we had managed to score a nice victory over the baddies, 44-32. That could come in handy in the campaign as this will affect the overall story and open up for some strategic options later on.

Daniel had painted a really really nice cityboard for us to play on, on this day. Besides organising the event. A special thanks for your work Daniel. 

 Unfortunately I only managed to capture two armies from the 1000pts event.

My Solar Auxilia
Tobias Space Wolf force

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